Tracking System

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Tracking System: $149.00  per month (15 total scans)

Maybe you already have the “perfect resume” but you’re not getting those calls to schedule interviews. Instead you’re getting those rejection emails saying, ever so nicely, that we have selected someone else for the position you applied for. What if there was a way to increase your chances at getting a call? There is…

  • We will review your resume and may suggest edits prior to the start of your membership.
  • We will then scan your resume vs. the job description, using a resume scanning software, to then provide you those results giving you a percentage % of match to that job.
  • You will get to see what Hard-Soft-Other Keywords are missing from your resume.
  • Then you just need to strategically add those words into your resume and then you can feel more confident applying increasing your chances at getting your resume actually seen and past those Evil Resume Bots.   
  • You will receive 15 unique job description scans per month.


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